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Snow Pile

This is NOT from this year

Merry Christmas, all. We’re a little late getting the ol’ Coulson Times off the presses this year. Something about work, last-minute projects, shopping, mumble mumble. At least we didn’t have to use “we were shoveling snow” as an excuse. Art grilled out tonight in a T-shirt and sweats. Very un-Minnesota-like weather this year.

Guess our theme for 2011 would be, “It was a busy year.”

Art continued to work as communications director for Ramsey County, where he spent most of the year on development of a new Minnesota Vikings stadium. He also worked with Laurie on several projects for Redbird Media & Design, including a strategic communications plan and legislative report for the state Department of Transportation.  Laurie stayed busy with graphic design work and carting Jesse from event to event. Laurie spent some time in Florida and in Houston with her mom and dad and siblings while her father was ill. While it was a difficult time, she enjoyed visiting with her family and helping out where she could. Her dad is back home and on the mend. Please keep Mick and Marge in your thoughts this season. Art continued his service on our local school board, where he serves as clerk and goes to far too many meetings. Because he didn’t already attend enough meetings, Art also joined a Masonic lodge and was raised as a master mason with the help of his Dad in April. It was one of the proudest moments of his life.

At the lodge

Art Sr. presents Art Jr. with a Masonic ring at Minnesota River Valley Lodge #6 in Shakopee

Laurie with her Mom and Dad

Laurie with her Mom and Dad

Katie car

Katie returned to college in style, in a brand new used Toyota Camry she named Enrique

Katie is midway through her sophomore year at Bemidji State University in Northern Minnesota. The highlight of the year so far was that she passed her state teachers licensing exam earlier in the year, clearing the way for her to enter the education program at BSU and begin the path to becoming an elementary teacher. Katie and several girlfriends are living off-campus this year in an apartment. They seem to be having a blast and all getting along. We got a chance to visit with Katie a couple of times, even dragging Art’s Dad and Mom north for a visit. See the slideshow below for pictures from our visits.


Here are some photo highlights of Katie’s year:


Jesse also had a busy year, playing boys lacrosse (the only girl in the Minnesota State High School League playing on a boys team), working at Papa Murphy’s alongside her big sister and changing her hair color about a million times. Jesse hit 16 this year and celebrated with friends in Minneapolis, where they shopped, saw the sights and enjoyed chocolate fondue at The Melting Pot for her Sweet 16 celebration. One of the highlights of the fall for Jesse and Art was their annual father-daughter trip to Oklahoma for the Cherokee National Holiday. Jesse got to meet the great Cherokee actor Wes Studi, visit with Chief Chad Smith and his family, eat frybread, swim in Lake Tenkiller, watch a traditional lacrosse game and attend her first All Indian Rodeo Championship. It was quite a weekend. One of the things we were proudest of was Jesse’s winning of an Academic Letter at Eastview HIgh School in the spring.

Academic letter

Jesse was awarded an Academic Letter at an all-school assembly.


Below are some photo highlights of Jesse’s year:

Here are some other photo highlights of the girls’ year. We had a blast participating in lots of family activities, including attending Minnesota Swarm lacrosse games, our annual spring break trip to Florida and celebrating Katie’s 19th birthday at the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. We are truly blessed.


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year. Sorry this eNewsletter is late. We have no one to blame but Art, who is slow, lazy and … hey, Jesse, I only left the computer for a minute to get a cup of coffee. Stop writing crap about me and go do some chores…


This was the least stressful part of our New York trip.

Here is a look at our year, just ending. It is filled with travel, travails, pretty girls, graduations and young love — kind of like an episode of The O.C. This year we are presenting the highlights chronologically instead of in a random, stream-of-consciousness flood of anecdotes, photos and bad jokes. That’s because Laurie took the time to make me a detailed outline, rather than simply relying on me to just sit down at the computer and James Joyce out a bunch of seemingly unrelated paragraphs. I have no idea why she thought we needed that sort of structure and discipline. Perhaps my answer is hidden somewhere in this rambling preamble. I don’t know.

Anyways, here is our 2010 exactly as it happened, without embellishment. Mostly.

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